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Escuela del Mar

Bocas del Toro - Panamá


Looking for things to do while in Bocas del Toro? Surfing is a great activity where you get to enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Conditions for beginners are just great, water temperature is awesome, it is quite uncrowded and the waves are perfect for learning-EDM-


About Escuela del Mar - EDM

About Escuela del Mar - EDM

Get ready!

Bocas del Toro


Over ten years in the game

Luis uses easy to follow teaching techniques to help you learn the most physically demanding part of surfing, paddling.

Learn to surf quickly with Luis Bertone, our dedicated and experienced instructor. Luis, who hails from Argentina, has been surfing for 25 years and teaching surfing for 10 years. He is bilingual and fluent in Spanish and English.
We provide clear explanations on every subject before going in the water (surfing basics, safety, surf ettiquette, methods to be used basic weather and tides). La Escuela del Mar student instructor ratio is 1 to 3-4 max (depending on people''s size and abilities).


"Sometimes in the morning, when it's a good surf, I go out there, and I don't feel like it's a bad world."

San Diego, California Mia S

"My wife and I had the best experience last week surfing for the first time last week!"

San Diego, California Ben M


Make a splash with EDM, designed for everyone passionate about all things surfing.

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